Return Key:

Typewriter Poetry

Create lasting memories with authentic keepsakes…


Weddings are fertile ground for stories and memories. Offering your guests the opportunity to create personalized poems means they go home with an utterly unique keepsake that they'll treasure long after the last rice grains have been swept away.

The Art of Memory

The conversations generated by composing poetry can enhance and contribute to the nuance and energy of your event. So consider Return Key for fundraiser galas, corporate events, birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversary parties, holiday festivals, or celebrations of life.

Permanence, not Posts

It's fine to post pics of your friends and family on social media, but it's so comforting to also have heartfelt and fragile recollections preserved on paper, to hold stories in your hands.

“Martha's superpower is her ability to draw out of people the essence of what they want and need to express. She truly listens and actively facilitates, and it shows.”

-Stephen Shaw

The process is simple but impactful. Your guests will feel they've been seen & heard. Also, it's subtle fun!

The poems created at your event will enable those participating to celebrate, remember, and reminisce. Spontaneous art may not appeal to everyone, but for those who decide to write a Return Key poem, the results are always rewarding and sometimes even transformative.